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Made with BC-grown Lions Mane mushrooms and ❤️


Chewy, yummy jerky that's also good for you! 

Japanese miso flavour. 

Serve as a chewy appetizer or munch all by yourself! 


Each bag contains almost half a pound of top quality lions mane mushrooms.

No Preservatives / Vegan

Lions Mane Mushroom Jerky

GST/HST Included

    Shipping Policy

    Our products are now available to order only within Canada.

    Flat shipping rates:

    • $10 for BC

    • $20 for the rest of Canada

    FREE shipping for orders over:

    • $80 for BC

    • $100 for the rest of Canada

    Estimated Delivery times:

    • 4-9 Business Days for BC

    • 5-10 Business Days for rest of Canada

    Please note that we do not accept any returns or exchanges.

    Thank you very much!

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