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About Us

We are a mushroom-based food company in Vancouver, BC

Born out of love and reverence for fungi, for good food, for the earth and for each other

Our Story

Fungitude was founded by husband & wife Romain Gilbert and Christine Han, who from the beginning of their relationship across the globe, found common ground in their passion for food and nature.

Romain hails from France with over a decade of experience as a chef. Ever since he moved to BC to join Christine (his girlfriend at the time), he fell in love with the quality ingredients that BC had to offer, and the diversity that made its food scene unique. Their trip to Korea, Christine's country of birth, also sprouted their interest in the Asian traditions of fermentation and using food as medicine. While exploring which foods they could grow at home despite their urban lifestyle and limited space, they were introduced to the vast world of mushrooms, and the rest is history.

At Fungitude, we honour the fungi as a culinary, medicinal, ecological and functional ally. In the kitchen and on the table, fungi are versatile, delicious, nutritious and transformational.

The Fungi Attitude

Here are 3 ways we embody the Fungi Attitude (aka Fungitude):


  • Fungi make their ecosystem better by connecting the various players within their mycelial web.

  • We strive to make our market and community better by connecting with the various players in our little web of influence.



  • Fungi are always expanding their mycelial reach, looking for nourishment and opportunities all around them.

  • We strive to ever expand our knowledge and offerings, looking for potential values and opportunities all around us.



  • Fungi play a key role in transforming organisms and ecosystems from one state to another, bringing on change that is necessary in the cycle of life.

  • We strive to play a key role in transforming the culinary and cultural landscape for mushrooms, one small innovation at a time.

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